Federal Subsistence Regional Advisory Councils

What is it?

There are 10 Federal Subsistence Regional Advisory Councils (RACs) that are regionally divided in Alaska, with 10-13 members in each. The RACs provide advice and recommendations to the Federal Subsistence Board about subsistence hunting, trapping, and fishing issues on Federal public lands

What do they do?

Regional Advisory Councils review and make recommendations on proposals for regulations, policies, management plans, and other subsistence-related issues to the Federal Subsistence Board;  Develop proposals that provide for the subsistence harvest of fish and wildlife;  Encourage and promote local participation in the decision-making process affecting subsistence harvests on Federal public lands; Make recommendations on customary and traditional use determinations of subsistence resources; and,  Appoint members to National Park Subsistence Resource Commissions.

How can I get involved?

Apply to become a RAC member

Council membership appointments are typically for 3-year terms. There are approximately 42 seats open for appointment among all Councils. 

Attend a RAC meeting

These 10 Councils provide an opportunity for rural Alaskans to contribute in a meaningful way to the management of subsistence resources. All rural Alaskan resource/subsistence users have the opportunity to comment and offer input on subsistence issues at Council meetings.  Each Council meets at least twice a year.  They meet to develop proposals to change Federal subsistence regulations, review proposals submitted by others, and provide an open forum for public expressions, opinions, and concerns regarding any matter related to subsistence. 

Read about the RACs recommendations and priorities

Each RAC completes a report each year with their recommendations – you can help advocate for our ways of life by reading through and supporting proposals and action requests put forward by RACs.