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Native Peoples Action strives to provide Alaska Native communities and our traditional values with a voice at all levels of policy making. We will leverage our strong Alaska Native community networks to build a volunteer base to provide confidence, encouragement, and guidance in connecting Alaska Native traditional values and political candidates, proposed policies, and land management. 

NPA Operating Principles



Be involved in the decision-making processes that affect our Alaskan communities and our ways of life. 
What is best for Alaska Native poeple is best for all. NPA initiates and participates in grassroots community organizing, social media awareness campaigns, and direct advocacy organizing on issues that affect Alaska Native populations and communities. We do this on local, state and federal levels. Together we work toward the Alaska that we deserve based in our principles as Alaska Native Peoples.

Join us in taking a stand, working together, and mobilizing action. Together lets #WarriorUp for our people and our homelands!

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