Alaska Bycatch Review Task Force

What does the ABRT do?

  1. Study what impacts bycatch has on fisheries.
  2. Evaluate and recommend policies informed by a better understanding of the issue of bycatch of high-value Alaska fishery resources.
  3. Ensure state agencies are leveraging available resources to better understand the issue of bycatch.
  4. Utilize the best available science to inform policy makers and the public about these issues.
  5. The recommendations developed by the ABRT will be provided to the Governor through a final report. ABRT meetings are open to the public and opportunity for public comment will be provided at ABRT and ABRT subcommittee meetings.

How can I get involved?

For questions, comments, or to have your name added to the contact list for ABRT notices, please send an email to

How can I provide comments?

The next meeting will be Oct 12th at the Egan Center starting at 9am. They will be taking public testimony on Bycatch.

Join Zoom Meeting: