Alaska Bycatch Advisory Council & Task Force

What does the Alaska Bycatch Advisory Council do?

The Alaska Bycatch Review Task Force (ABRT) was established for the purpose of exploring the issue of bycatch and providing recommendations to policy makers with the goal of improving the health and sustainability of Alaska’s fisheries and protecting Alaska’s record as a leader of fisheries’ conservation and sustainability. The Bycatch Advisory Council will advise ADF&G on ways to implement the recommendations contained in the final report of the Alaska Bycatch Review Task Force. It is envisioned the Council will meet telephonically 3-4 times annually and prepare an annual report to the Commissioner.

How can I get involved?

For questions, comments, or to have your name added to the contact list for ABRT notices, please contact the Department of Fish & Game staff by email at .

How can I provide comments?

WRITTEN COMMENTS: Written comments will be accepted by the Bycatch Advisory Council by email at Please include your full name and contact information. Issue comments will be provided to BAC members and publicly posted.

Upcoming meetings can be found on the ADF&G website here. Past meeting reports and minutes can be found here.