ADF&G Advisory Committees

What is it?

Advisory committees are local groups that meet to discuss fish and wildlife issues, provide a local forum for those issues, and make recommendations to the Alaska boards of fisheries and game. Their purpose as established by the Joint Board of Fisheries and Game includes:

  • Developing regulatory proposals
  • Evaluating regulatory proposals and making recommendations to the appropriate board
  • Providing a local forum for fish and wildlife conservation and use, including matters relating to habitat
  • Consulting with individuals, organizations, and agencies

Who are they?

There are 84 advisory committees throughout six regions of the state, each with expertise in a particular local area.

Get information on individual advisory committees in each region, including lists of members, advisory committee jurisdictions, and current and past meetings here: 

How can I get involved?

Visit to find your Advisory Committee and show up to the next meeting, they meet at least twice a year.