Who We Are



Kendra Kloster - Executive Director

Contact: kendra@nativepeoplesaction.org

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Helena Jacobs - Administrative & Operations Manager

Contact: info@nativepeoplesaction.org

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Kelsey Ciugun Wallace - Communications Director

Contact: kelsey@nativepeoplesaction.org

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Rochelle Geh Gii Ch'adzaa Adams - Indigenous Engagement Coordinator

Contact: rochelle@nativepeoplesaction.org

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Andrea Akall’eq Sanders - President 

Andrea Akall’eq Sanders, Yup’ik, was born and raised in Bethel Alaska. Her maternal grandparents are Katie Cleveland and the late Ham Cleveland Sr. both originally from Quinhagak. Her parents are Stella Cleveland and Brian Sanders. Andrea currently serves as Director of the Alaska Native Policy Center at First Alaskans Institute. Andrea is a mother and a social justice advocate, and she works every day to advance our traditional ways of life and Indigenous ways of knowing.  "My love for our people and our homelands is stronger than anyone's hate. I am motivated by the NPA movement and committed to changing the political landscape in Alaska because I have seen true leadership in action - and it does not look like what I see happening in Juneau nor Washington D.C. This movement is about putting our people, our values, our knowledge and our love at the center, finding candidates who will lead with love and getting the vote out for them and the issues we all care about."


Heather Kendall-Miller - Vice President 

Heather is Denaina Athabascan and is a Curyung tribal member of Dillingham, Alaska. Heather became staff attorney with the Native American Rights Fund in 1993 and practices exclusively in the area of tribal rights and subsistence.  “An Indigenous political movement is essential to protecting and preserving lands, resources, water, culture and ways of life.  We must engage fully in order to have a voice in the decisions that are being made by politicians and administrators. We have to use our Indigenous voices and perspectives to remind elected leaders that they are public servants and accountable to us.  We have to believe that we can collectively make a difference by exercising our right to vote and by selecting candidates that will better serve our needs.”


Natasha Singh - Secretary 

Natasha is a Koyukon Athabascan from Fairbanks, Alaska. She serves as General Counsel at Tanana Chiefs Conference and is a Stevens Village tribal member. “We seek to get out the vote, to promote voting based on peoples' best interests, guided by our traditional values.  NPA will get to the heart of the policy issues impacting Native people and communities by providing relevant information to engage citizens to vote their values.  Soon high rates of Alaska Natives will be submitting ballots at all levels of government driven by our duty and right to advance the wellness of our people.  Alaskan governments will become deeply embedded with traditional values and our state, and our people will prosper because of it.”


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