Who We Are



Kendra Kloster - Executive Director

Contact: kendra@nativepeoplesaction.org

Kendra Kloster, Tlingit, was born in Wrangell, Alaska and spent most of her childhood in Juneau, Alaska. Her maternal grandparents, Christine Jenkins and the late Charles Jenkins, are both from Wrangell, Alaska. Her paternal grandparents are the late Madeline and Albert Kloster. Kendra's parents are Shelley Jenkins from Wrangell, Alaska and Earl Kloster from Yakima, Washington. Kendra is a mother and community activist. "My ambition and strength to make positive changes comes form the support and encouragement form my family and community. I want to ensure my daughter and her peers will have the ability to grow up in a safe and loving environment in Alaska. I hope our future generations will be accepted for who they are and have all the experiences of living off the land, fishing with their families and being part of a supportive community.” She obtained her undergraduate degree from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado and her Masters Degree in Public Administration and Policy Analysis from the University of Alaska Anchorage. Kendra has previously worked in the Office of Senator Ted Stevens in Washington, D.C. and as a Legislative Assistant and Chief of Staff at the Alaska State Legislature.


Helena Jacobs - Administrative & Operations Manager

Contact: info@nativepeoplesaction.org

Helena Jacobs, Koyukon Athabascan, is the daughter of Dee Olin and David Hoffman, and the granddaughter of the late Lillian and Fred Olin, the late Lorraine and John Honea, and the late Helen and George Hoffman. Born in Fairbanks with ancestral ties to Ruby and Kokrines, Alaska, Lena now lives and works in Anchorage. She and her husband Torin (Yup’ik/Iñupiaq) are raising five children, and the work she engages in that takes her away from time with her family must support their future wellbeing and benefit. That is why she’s so happy to be a part of the NPA family which focuses on creating a safe and equitable society where Native peoples and values are uplifted and respected.


Kelsey Ciugun Wallace - Communications Director

Contact: kelsey@nativepeoplesaction.org

Kelsey Ciugun Wallace, Yup’ik and Irish, is originally from Bethel, Alaska on the Kuskokwim River. Her parents are John Apassangayaq Wallace and Sheila Cingarkaq Mojin. Her maternal grandparents are the late Tsaliaq Moses Mojin and Ciukaq Mary Mojin. Her paternal grandparents are the late Shirley and John Wallace.  Kelsey is a mother whose fire and passions are driven by her love, respect, and understanding of our people, traditional ways of life, and the importance of holistic wellness. “The work of NPA is needed in our state; being able to have an indigenous voice represented at the various levels of policy making is essential. This ensures our future generations - our kids - are able to live and thrive in a state where our traditional lifeways are strengthened through the voices of our people.” Kelsey obtained her undergraduate degree from UAF in Rural Development with a concentration in Indigenous Organizational Management and Yugtun language minor. She volunteers her time on many boards and committees throughout the community. She previously worked at the Alaska Native Heritage Center as the Public Relations and Marketing Manager.


Rochelle Geh Gii Ch'adzaa Adams - Indigenous Engagement Coordinator

Contact: rochelle@nativepeoplesaction.org

Rochelle Adams is from the Interior Alaskan villages of Beaver and Fort Yukon. Her parents are Angela Peter-Mayo of Fort Yukon and the late Cliff "Tuffy" Adams Jr. of Beaver. Her maternal grandparents are Susan (Lord) and Johnny Peter Sr. Her paternal grandparents are Hannah "Babe" (VanHatten) and Cliff Adams Sr. She was raised living a traditional Athabascan lifestyle with her family following the seasonal cycles of hunting, fishing and trapping off of the Yukon River. These are the values and connections that guide her today and she proudly represents this in all parts of her life and work. She is the mother of three teens, which she is raising with these same values of connectedness, love and respect. Through her many roles and actions, Rochelle has continuously sought to bring her perspective as an Indigenous woman with cultural knowledge, born of the lands and waters, training from the elders with a vision of the future generations to empower Native people everywhere. “It’s important that we as Indigenous people are able to shape the world that we live in to ensure the well being of our people on our own traditional homelands and in our own languages.”



Andrea Akall’eq Sanders - President 

Andrea Akall’eq Sanders, Yup'ik, was born and raised in Bethel, Alaska. She is a Tribal citizen of the Native Village of Kwinhagak. Andrea currently serves as President of Native Peoples Action and as a steering committee member of Native Vision. Her work as a social justice advocate is to advance Indigenous ways of being and knowing in the Just Transition movement. “My love for our people and our homelands is stronger than anyone’s hate. I am motivated to grow NPA's movement and committed to changing the political landscape in Alaska because I have seen true leadership in action – and it does not look like what I see happening in Juneau nor Washington D.C. Our movement at NPA, is about putting our people, our values, our knowledge and our love at the center of policy making. We are building and finding candidates who will lead with love. We are getting out the vote for values-based leaders who will protect and advance Indigenous lifestyles #withlove #warriorup". Andrea is Company Owner of With Real People, a consulting and production firm based in Alaska and Hawaii.

Heather Kendall-Miller - Vice President 

Heather is Denaina Athabascan and is a Curyung tribal member of Dillingham, Alaska. Heather became staff attorney with the Native American Rights Fund in 1993 and practices exclusively in the area of tribal rights and subsistence.  “An Indigenous political movement is essential to protecting and preserving lands, resources, water, culture and ways of life.  We must engage fully in order to have a voice in the decisions that are being made by politicians and administrators. We have to use our Indigenous voices and perspectives to remind elected leaders that they are public servants and accountable to us.  We have to believe that we can collectively make a difference by exercising our right to vote and by selecting candidates that will better serve our needs.”


Natasha Singh - Secretary 

Natasha is a Koyukon Athabascan from Fairbanks, Alaska. She serves as General Counsel at Tanana Chiefs Conference and is a Stevens Village tribal member. “We seek to get out the vote, to promote voting based on peoples' best interests, guided by our traditional values.  NPA will get to the heart of the policy issues impacting Native people and communities by providing relevant information to engage citizens to vote their values.  Soon high rates of Alaska Natives will be submitting ballots at all levels of government driven by our duty and right to advance the wellness of our people.  Alaskan governments will become deeply embedded with traditional values and our state, and our people will prosper because of it.”


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