Equal Access to Education

Our youth are our future.

Investing in our future means investing in our youth. Schools are often the community center in many villages throughout Alaska. NPA believes that every student in every school is valuable and deserves the same opportunity to achieve their highest educational goals, from pre-Kindergarten to post-secondary education or training. Parents, communities, and the education system itself must be sound and insist that all Alaska children have equal opportunity to be successful at learning, whether that be in village or urban Alaska. 

Alaska Native people gain education in both the classroom and traditional classroom. School must be relevant for students. The education system must be reflective and provide supportive curriculum that embraces Alaska Native language, culture, and Native ways of life. 

Language and culture are essential in the classroom, culturally-relevant learning and teaching styles must enhance the capabilities of the students, community involvement must be present and Native students need to "own" their education. NPA will continue to advocate for equal and culturally-relevant education opportunities that support and enhance our ways of life and being.