What We Do

The heart of what we do is deeply embedded in our mission of taking a stand, working together and mobilizing action to ensure Alaska Natives are heard in all levels of policy making, to advocate for the wellness of our peoples and our ways of life, and to transform social and political systems. The activities below show a sample of the ways through which we are realizing this mission.

Advocacy & Organizing

Public Safety 

Public safety is one, if not the most, important task facing governments. Every person has the right to feel safe in their home. Unfortunately, rural Alaska is not afforded the same treatment for public safety officials as urban counterparts. One in three Alaska villages has no local law enforcement. And many of our Village Public Safety Officers (VPSOs) are not given adequate trainings or resources to protect the people of their area. In many ways, the state continues to fail Alaskans in this regard and we must continue to advocate for our basic rights of safety for every Alaskan, no matter where we reside. 

Native Peoples Action knows we all need to #WarriorUp to help advocate for our people. We will continue to push for policy changes to improve the VPSO program, provide more state funding so every village has a VPSO, encourage more treatment and rehabilitation programs including the inclusion of culture and language, and continue to fight to create government-to-government relationships. 

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Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls

We are in a nationwide crisis as our missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls continue to be targets for violence, abduction and homicide. Many of these women become invisible – their lives are lost, their stories are untold; and the data, the media and at times, even law enforcement don’t acknowledge them. For far too long their voices have been silenced and ignored, but Native peoples across the Nation have not forgotten because these are our grandmothers, our mothers, our aunties, our sisters, our cousins, our daughters and our friends. We continue to fight for justice, and we are now shedding new light on the issue and becoming more mobilized to demand justice for our women and girls.  

NPA works with our partners to bring MMIWG to the forefront of conversations, including the State Legislature and demanding action. We have been apart of presentations to the Alaska State Legislature and advocating to our elected leaders for specific funding and legislation to take action now. 

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Tribal Sovereignty and Self-Determination 

Tribal governments have been operating long before colonists arrived in our homelands. We have been stewards of these lands for thousands of years, ran successful trade operations across the regions, sustained ourselves off the land and water without pillaging or trading one gift from mother nature for another. Tribes are sovereign governments, however, the relationship between the state and federal government continues to be a struggle at best. 

NPA is building partnerships with our tribal governments. We want to be an additional voice for our people for the right to operate and govern within our sovereign rights. We also advocate and educate our policy makers about the importance of working with our tribes and the need to establish better working relationships which will only help to move Alaska forward. 

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Government/policy maker accountability

We have seen decisions being made by our policy makers that go against our way of life, that jeopardize our people and communities, and misinformation about Native peoples, tribes, and Native corporations. It is important we are holding our policy makers accountable and the policies they are passing. NPA works to advocate through education and outreach, while also ensuring that when policy makers are not making decisions in the best interest of Native people that we will call them out, that we will be in their office and on the phone, and be a voice at the table, invited or not. You can see some of our actions on our social media pages, website and newsletters. 

Capacity Building

Candidate Training

NPA’s Candidate Bootcamp is an in-depth training that will help you harness the power of messaging, determine the steps that need to be taken to run a successful campaign, help you set up a campaign plan, and dive into specifics of bringing your best self forward through the campaign process. 

Native Women Mobilizing

Native Women Mobilizing is an action group dedicated to building a support system for Indigenous women who have a desire and calling to change and diversify our political systems. The best results for change come when we can work together and build upon each other’s strength to serve our communities through local community councils, tribal councils, city assembly, boards and commissions, state legislature, Congress, and more. This group is designed to support one another as we shake up our political structures and encourage each other throughout the process. 

Advocacy Dialogues 

We each have the ability to make a difference and to use our voice, but there is a maze of rules and regulations of the bureaucratic government systems that makes it difficult for citizens to share their story, express their opinions and ask for changes. We are often not invited to the decision making tables, so we need to be sure we are showing up at every opportunity. There are certain times in which public opinions are taken – whether it be changes to public policy, fish and game regulations, or land management decisions being made in a federal agency, just to name a couple. 

NPA will work with organizations, individuals or groups to help navigate these systems through hosting Advocacy Dialogues. These are discussions, an opportunity to develop advocacy skills by understanding the governing systems, and a time to ask questions. 

Community Building

Monthly Indigenous Womxn’s Gatherings

This is a safe and fun space to work on beadwork/sewing projects, share Native foods and build community. 

Community Gathering and Heartbeat of the Drums 

Alaska Native people have endured generations of trauma since colonization through the criminalization of our way of life, separating families and the imbalanced treatment of Native people. This trauma is handed down to our children and grandchildren, and we recognize that in order to make changes in our state and communities we need to heal as well. The Community Gatherings and Heartbeat of the Drums ceremony is done in remembrance, of coming together, celebrating our culture and language, and being supportive of one another. 

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Arts in Action: Vision for a Just Transition 

This is an opportunity to join passionate, dedicated community celebrating Alaskan artists of all mediums who are passionate about arts in action, working toward a just transition, sharing skills, opportunities and building community. 

To find out more information on any of our activities please send us an email to info@nativepeoplesaction.org, call us at 907-917-0854, and follow our social media pages for additional updates. #WarriorUp