Traditional Ways of Life


The traditions of our grandparents live on through our ability to hunt and fish, which include the ceremonies that accompany these cultural practices. As Native peoples, access to our traditional food resources is critical for our health, wellbeing, economic security and food sovereignty.

Native People’s Action advocates for Alaskan hunting and fishing management policy and regulations to provide for Alaska Native food security, community wellbeing, and traditional ways of life. We ask for hunting and fishing rights legislation to protect Alaska Native hunting and fishing rights.

  • We urge Congress to restore Alaska Native Tribal aboriginal hunting and fishing rights.
  • We urge Congress to clarify The Alaskan National Interest Lands Conservation Act, ANILCA, as Native American policy, and for it to be amended for the rural subsistence priority to extend to all Alaska lands and waters.
  • We urge the State of Alaska to amend the Alaska Constitution natural resource definitions of “common use” and “apply equally to all persons” language to allow for implementation of ANILCA and further the priorities of Alaska Native natural resource management.
  • We seek candidates and policies that protect the lands and waters to support the traditional ways of life of Native peoples.