Health and Wellness


The restoration of our wellness and health starts with the restoration of our right to hunt and fish and the end of the criminalization of our way of life. The movement for healing and ending cycles of abuse in Alaska has started and NPA supports the continuation and growth of that journey. We know that today prevention and treatment facilities and behavioral health staff are in desperate need across the State. Intergenerational trauma has led to rampant substance abuse impacting Alaska Native families everywhere. Congress has the constitutional authority and responsibility to provide for Alaska Native health care, which also includes behavioral health. Indian Health Services funding for behavioral health, substance abuse treatment and prevention, and domestic violence prevention is significantly underfunded.

  • We ask that behavioral health in Alaska, including substance abuse and prevention services, be addressed through a special pilot project to support wellness through community driven treatment and support services.
  • We promote traditional values and identity as essential keys to achieving overall wellness and healing for Alaska Natives, and should play a fundamental role in providing behavioral health services.
  • We support programs that promote Native culture as a tool to heal individuals.