There is power in your vote. Indigenous people have not always had the right and access to vote. Today, we vote for the health, wellbeing and future of our people and relatives. 

In Alaska, there are 229 federally recognized Tribes. The Alaska Native percentage of voting age population is 17.3%. That is the highest Native population of potential voters in the country. NPA advocates for voters to use our voice and our vote to elect people who will advocate on behalf of all Alaskans, work alongside Tribal leadership, and fight to protect our homelands and ways of life. Representation of Alaska Native people is needed in all areas of leadership, at every decision-making table and in positions of power. We support voters by providing accessible information and breaking barriers to voting through education campaigns, policy and advocacy, and endorsing candidates running for office.

Candidate Recruitment & Endorsement
Our current government leadership is not representative of communities of color, with American Indians and Alaska Natives especially lacking visibility in positions of power. NPA is dedicated to working with partners across the state to address issues and barriers put in front of us and work to ensure those truly reflective of Alaska are elected into positions. We are committed to thinking outside of the box, being innovating in ways to engage those who have been systemically disenfranchised and feel that their voices don't matter or make a difference. 

We must be an advocate for change by supporting and being directly involved in the recruitment and electoral support of Alaska Native candidates, and those candidates who have a proven record of supporting Alaska Native people and is committed to protecting our traditional way of life. 

General Elections Info

The next general election will be held on November 8, 2022. The polls will be open from 7AM-8PM. General elections are held on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November in even numbered years. 

Check out NPA Community Fund's resource for the 2021 Anchorage Municipal Election.

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Check out these resources:
- Key election dates and hours
- Full election calendar for all upcoming elections and deadlines
- Election results for current and past elections
- Learn about Alaska's ballot counting process
- Alaska Division of Elections 
- Language assistance 

Register To Vote

It takes two minutes to register to vote!
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Different Ways to Vote

ABSENTEE IN-PERSON: Absentee in person voting is available at all voting locations. When voting absentee in-person, your eligibility to vote in the election is verified after voting. You must still apply for an absentee ballot.

ABSENTEE BY-MAIL: This is known as both absentee voting and voting by mail. Alaskans can request an application to vote from home for any reason (anyone can vote from home). Apply online. If you don’t have a computer, register in-person at any Division of Elections Office or visit a voter registration agency in your area.

SPECIAL NEEDS VOTING: If you are unable to vote in person due to age, serious illness or disability, you can have a personal representative pick up a ballot

IN-PERSON VOTING: Requires you to physically go to your polling place to vote. NPACF recommends voting by absentee to reduce the spread of COVID19.

ELECTRONIC TRANSMISSION VOTING: If the above voting options are not accessible, you can apply to receive your ballot by online delivery or faxYou must still return your ballot by mail. You cannot vote online.

If you are voting Absentee By-Mail, you will need a witness to sign your ballot. Your witness can be anyone over the age of 18. You may also choose to have an authorized official (Notary Public, municipal clerk, postal official, or any other official authorized and willing to administer the oath) but this is not necessary.

It is up to each of us to use our voice and vote to elect people who will advocate on behalf of all Alaskans and fight to protect our traditional ways of life. Policy makers are charged with writing and voting on policies in education, public safety, transportation, the state budget and more that affect our daily lives. #WarriorUp and VOTE with love for our people and homelands.